May 5, 2013

April 1, 2013

OK where to begin...had a dinner visit with a family in Elkton. They are one of the dozen Addison families in the ward. Lets just say, the ENTIRE WARD IS RELATED. The ward is 90% either an Addison or a Frogue, talk about possibly marrying a second cousin...lets say dating in Elkton is difficult...either way, dinner. The family somewhat made me trunkie. The dad served his mission in the Salt Lake South mission in 84ish, the mission went from Sandy, Draper, Provo to St. George even to Moab...DANG. Well if talking Utah didnt get me trunkie, it didn't help that the high school graduating daughter happened to be wearing a University of Utah hoodie (just for you Jason). We talked about the needs of Elkton as well as Utah. It was a blast to be with them, and if this is only one of the Addisons, odds are the rest of the family is the same way...awesome

Received a text from the Branch President saying that Cliff Jr has the ball rolling and interview dates are set. We still have to wait for the disciplinary council to decide yeah or nay for re baptism  so we have to wait another 3-4 weeks, but just the fact that hes at this step is amazing. All this support and fellow shipping is really helping out.

We also received word about Ernie. The BP called Salt Lake in regards to him. We can basically baptize him NOW, and ONE YEAR to the date he can receive the priesthood and other ordinances. (was endowed before divorce/name removal) Now we have to insist him to come to church, but him as a home-nurse on speed-dial may be the problem. If we get that in his head, expect a baptism from him within the next 8-10 WEEKS. Next time were there, ill take a photo of Biscuit, hes a 35lb Dodson dog, you'll like him, i do.

Easter a day. First off, yours truly spoke. Never spoken on Easter Sunday...challenge accomplished. I red one of the famous talks about the mission and purpose of Christ: the Purifying Power of Gethsemane by Bruce R McConkie. In case ya'll don't know, that was his FINAL ADDRESS in conference before he died one month later. What a spiritual meeting, and it wasn't because me or my companion spoke. Just the fact of everyone speaking and talking of Christs purpose and mission made me more realize that this is what I'm teaching to everyone. 

After the meeting, we went to the traditional place for dinner and a few movie(s). Somehow it got out that my companion and I haven't seen THE PASSION, we watched it, however, there was a little problem. The Blue-Ray player needed an outlet, one of the Kennedy's unplugged the Direct TV box to enable us to watch the Passion, well, when the Passion ended, we found out ONE box is unplugged, 2 MISSED the FIRST HOUR of FINALE of the Bible, and THREE we cannot rewind live TV ..well, we missed the first hour, but we have multiple opportunities to catch up.

Simple thing today, Bassett hasn't been close or into the Jefferson Davis Monument, so we attempt it since it is to the West of Elkton and our area. We arrive only to find out IT IS CLOSED, the sign says it'll open in APRIL and SPRING...were in it. As well as the other fellow tourists from Canada were not very happy of it being closed, but well have another time to do it.

Well, gotta go
PLEASE put tracker on mail to make sure it is my way, no mail received within last 4 weeks....sad face......

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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