May 5, 2013

April 29, 2013

Sorry for not doing the details of each day. Jamestown is the slowest area I've been in, the ward is old and has no desire to assist leaving all the pressure on us. I don't like it.
Other than the area being slow, this week was by far one of the best I've had for TWO specific reasons
ONE: Nashville Tribute Band came to the area!!!

The artists of the WORK, JOSEPH and TREK CD's came for a mission-wide tour. Nearly 3 hours of singing the songs that the entire mission knows. (only other approved CD's next to MoTab) The songs were all known, but the last one was known as I WAS BORN and the best part, the band had all missionaries present SING IT (sorry, no video/audio) WOW that was what i call a concert. The songs actually clicked a little more, especially I WAS BORN, Jason Deere (lead singer) wrote the song somewhat based on his and the bands life (and other events) the last line of the song "i was born on the plains of Oklahoma where that prairie grass rolls on, born a son of humble converts, and i'm here to pay it forward" I loved every minute of the performance.
Unfortunately, Katherine Nelson could not be there, shes one of the only female voices of the group. Name ring a bell? Let me put a visual here, shes the FAMOUS ACTOR of EMMA SMITH in PROPHET OF THE RESTORATION that was played at the Joseph Smith Bldg in Salt Lake.
After the performance i mingled with a few members of the band, (sorry no photos) i inquired why they put the Benjamin Franklin Johnson quote in the Trek CD, he responds "talk to my dad, hes a distant relative of ours and we needed to pay tribute to him" WOW i'm related to 3 members of the Nashville Tribute Band (father and 2 sons) while the father had a career with the now famous band DIAMOND RIO . (For mother) they are related to us through BF Johnson's youngest son Ellis Johnson (were trough Joel Hills). This concert just got even better...MIND BLOWN
TWO: I was able to get back to Russellville for Cliff Kennedy's Baptism!!!
It was great to see the Kennedy clan again, however, he looks different without his "three reed-length" beard. I'm once again with members of one of my favorite families on the mission.
I cant explain the feelings that i had when i walked into the familiar halls of the small Russellville Branch building. The baptism was to occur AFTER the entire church services, the ENTIRE KENNEDY FAMILY was present, just that family alone DOUBLED the attendance in the meetings. I felt home again seeing all the familiar faces that i came to love to be around.
The baptismal service was amazing. Yours truly spoke about baptism and it was just completely awesome. Somehow i held myself together and didn't cry. Standing in the confirmation circle, another amazing feeling washed over me testifying that i have done good. I could die right now and i would be a happy man.
Knowing my time was running thin, i grabbed as many photos of the Branch and Kennedy family. (unable to when transferred due to General Conference...grrrr...) I will miss the people and the area, but i was glad to return for this event.
Afterwards, i achieved something that i wanted to do...go fishing again. The last day here we went fishing on his property, i didn't catch nothing. 
Cliff and i decided to have a fishing competition, when it was over, i caught 6 Blue Gills and 1 Large Mouth Bass, while he caught 4 Blue Gill and 2 Large Mouth...BOO YEAH...I WIN
Leaving that family again was really difficult. I was glad and honored to be back. Now, the next time i might see them is when they're planning a trip to Utah about the time i return home. That will be a party.

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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