May 5, 2013

April 22, 2013

Well, another week has flown by. I cant believe that I am one month away from my year mark. Me companioned with a fellow MTC district member is making me wish the time would fly by faster. According to the mission rumor, the last year is faster than the first, hope i don't blink and miss it, i hope i enjoy the moment. It is also interesting to be companioned with someone who knows somebody you know dearly, small world moment and who would have thought.

Monday here is interesting. Had dinner with the Cook family, ONE of the TWO families with kids younger than 3, the cornbread brought back memories of being in Russellville. Since i was the noobie, they bombard me with questions (as does everybody), they ask what i did at home, i say Geo caching ..the wife freezes..."you need to meet my mother, she just got hooked into it a few months ago and she is coming over for dinner tonight" BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!! Now the very boring P-Day might have a fun activity to do with one of the members. Shes only found 5, but with my assistance and expertise, that 5 will soon be 50 or 500, maybe not the 500. Have to plan out a P-Day to do it, and I'm looking forward to it.

I have to vent a little...small districts for district meetings are not really enjoyable. Each district I've been in had 4, now same with this one. District meetings are OK  but when we are expected to have them weekly (80 miles ROUND TRIP) and expect to budget it out of the little we have, no wonder the work is slow, we cant go anywhere due to driving back and forth to meetings. The members out here cant help either, they're too busy doing other house-hold things. Biking here isn't an option either, the nearest towns are 35-40 miles away on major roads. A member pleaded with the Mission Pres a year ago saying "Biking 35 miles to church on Sunday? That cant happen, they need to have a vehicle." I just have to live through it, but sometimes these weekly "revelatory experiences" (what we replace Meeting with) are seeming more to me like a "revelatory burden"...i need to change my attitude, that might take a while.

Had dinner with the White family. Come to find out, their oldest (only) son is serving his mission right now in T....Mexico, hes only been out 6ish months. They were a fun family to visit. They've been in and around Salt Lake City, so inquired if they've heard of the Kennecott Mine...(i always bring it up since its the backyard)...they haven't, i pull it up in Google Earth, they were shocked in the size of it. They've been in Salt Lake multiple times and have never HEARD or SEEN the mine? I remember seeing it from Ensign Peak...they didn't know where to look. Now if they go back, i recommended a good recreational visit.

This family surprisingly is one of my favorites so far. One son (me and on mission) one daughter (i wonder who), her FAVORITE movie is Tangled...only thing to solidify the resemblance is the two dogs they own and the cows near the property...

OK, now for a fun visit. Jason, this is for you. Met with Bro. Madewell, the second counselor in the bishopric  he reminds me so much of you "Jason Awesome #1!!!" Lets just say hes you 25 years in the future. Hes old (60's), single ;) , talkative, and hilarious to be around, as well as pulls out a few funny jokes every now and then.

This up-coming week will be a blast. Hopefully, ill be able to make it back to Russellville for the Baptism of Cliff Kennedy on Sunday, but before that, something amazing is happening. NASHVILLE TRIBUTE BAND is having a mission wide tour, they'll be in our area THURSDAY!!! i would send videos, but the file size is too large to attach. Give the CD's a listen if you haven't for a while. Still listening to the TREK, still nobody out here has it, I'm lucky.

Now for the scariest news of them all. i weighed myself...I WEIGH 140 LB, and i entered the MTC at 115...DANG...its the cornbread, its addictive and tasty.

That's a wrap, keep me posted

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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