May 5, 2013

April 15, 2013

Tuesday transfer meeting came and the final hours of me in Russellville diminished to zero. All the less actives and members that I've fellow shipped are now in the rear-view mirror. I got emotional thinking back on the adventures and fun times with the small branch. Some of them i know i will see again in the near future, but I am still emotional, more emotional than when i left my birth town of Hopkinsville. However, Jessica said it right "look for the positive in difficult times", I really needed that and will continue to use it.

Nearly 20 newbies arrived. One of them being a sister from RIVERTON Utah, she lives near South Hills Middle School. Shes opening a new area near Russellville, way to represent Southern Salt Lake County. This transfer meeting i found out that my "pops" is going home. Perron is now officially back home in Dietrich Idaho. I was his last-born "son", that is an interesting thought. 
Hitting the road to Jamestown was difficult. I saw a few past-Russellville served missionaries, reminded me of the area, as well as a few Hopkinsville area missionaries, it was just difficult for me to leave what i knew behind and start out new, but i have no choice and will take on the challenge.

Yes you all have heard right, my new companion is none other than Elder Haslam from Sandy Utah (Jason's old ward) and MTC District buddy. I am officially in Tennessee in a tiny town of Jamestown, which is the furthest East in the mission you can go. Go another county east and your in the Knoxville Mission boarders. 2 1/2 hours of driving later, we arrive in the new area.

Not even 24 hours in Jamestown and we have a zone meeting in McMinnville. (2 hours away) I've only been in the Hoptown zone since day one: what a difference. Hoptown zone is about 20+ missionaries, McMinnville is 35+...DANG. PLUS, my previous companion Elder Bassett, Sister Giles (born in Ft. Campbell when I left) AND Hermana Carrell are in the zone. This will be a party. The icing on the cake is one of the zone leaders, he served in Hopkinsville before Perron trained my oldest brother. Reminiscing on the past with him is always cool. However, he goes home in 6 weeks...DANG IT... From Sister Giles I found out that 3 families in Hopkinsville are transferred (military transfer) in the three families, the ward looses 15%+ of the congregation as well as some of the large and important callings to

Finally starting to meet a few people in the teeny-tinny town of Jamestown. The members however live nearly 20 miles ONE WAY away, and with limited miles, it doesn't work to go out that way at all. But we are working as much as we can and using them whenever we can.

OK...uber trunkie moment...Jamestown is home to a MOVIE THEATER owned by a member. Nightly we go there to do service by assisting him cleaning the seating area. Granted the theater is only a 2 screen with 100 seats per screen, but the soda, popcorn, smell, advertising all reminds me of my working days at the 20 screen theater.

Joyce Copeland is one less active that we've visited. She reminds me of Mrs. Weibe from Russellville. Shes an old widow who nobody wants or feels like visiting, I'm gonna enjoy being her company for however long im here.

The ward here reminds me so much of the West Valley City ward. An attendance of 50-70 with 80% of ward being OVER 55 with less than 10 youth and 2 families with "infants" about a walk down memory lane.

Well, that's a wrap. I've done too many details. However here's another BIG detail. Talking with Cliff Kennedy in Russellville, HE CAN BE RE BAPTIZED APRIL 28!!!!! Now i have to find a way to get there for it...110+ miles away makes it difficult

Picture of the outside of theater 

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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