May 5, 2013

April 8, 2013

OK...where to begin

Had a shocking memory moment this week, Jackie is officially 18...sorry folks for the reminder, ya'll be "empty nesters" in 5 years max
OK since were traveling, we travel A LOT, the end of the month we tallied the miles, we went 2800 MILES in 30 DAYS, not bad, compared to some traveling in the past going 6000+. Now the bad news, WE ARE NO LONGER TRAVELING or have UNLIMITED MILES, we are now limited to 1250 a month...this'll be interesting

Went on exchange with zone leaders because they were needed in Leitchfield for a baptism interview. I had to drive the 90 mile round trip, now driving is easy and I'm getting used to it. Went to visit one less active only to find out that she was emitted into the hospital due to "disappearance of blood in system", plus with her being nearly 95 years old, i hope she will get better. We performed our priesthood duty and performed a blessing for her.

Had a fun dinner appointment this week, roasted bratwursts and burgers over an open fire. Nothing better than cooking outside when the temperature is hovering 60 at 6PM. After the meal, i say "now we need Recess PB Cups and s'mores", everybody wanted to try it, but we didn't have all the supplies.

Had another shocking moment...JESSICA...UR HALF WAY DONE...

Ahhhh...Conference. Its the only time that we can "relax" when it comes to missionary work. Shocking to hear the 65000+ missionaries and another 20000 in transit. Conference had a lot of familiar faces, met, seen, and shook hands of ELDER NELSON, OAKS AND KOPISCHKE. Walk down memory lane...

Now for some unexpected news...transfer calls were Conference Saturday, BOTH OF US ARE BEING TRANSFERRED OUT OF RUSSELLVILLE and being replaced with sisters AGAIN. We are both heading to Tennessee with me heading to JAMESTOWN the new companion...ELDER HASLAM from my MTC District and "Jason Awesome #1"'s ward. 

I cant believe I'm leaving Russellville, I've been here nearly 3 months with Bassett only here for 6 WEEKS, I'm sad and depressed for leaving this area. The main struggle we've had is time. Due to excommunicated members we needed to wait it out and lets say one may be baptized before MY YEAR MARK, and i wont be here for it.

Now were just doing our farewell tour and continuing to pack and clean the apartment whenever we have a free moment.

Sad to say, next time i write, ill be out of Russellville and in Jamestown Tennessee

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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