May 29, 2013

May 28, 2013

OK, so where to begin...

Farewell tour of Elder Worthen continued since he is being transferred to Murray Kentucky. (first time in Kentucky EVER) Elder Worthen is missing the homecoming of the missionary coming home from the Las Vegas mission by 6 hours, they will keep in touch though. Its hard to forget the story and photo of the missionary in another missionaries bed.

Transfer Meeting
Received 17 new missionaries making the total for the mission nearly 250. My oldest "missionary brother" is training in Hopkinsville and continuing the legacy his father left for me to do. Elkton now has a permanent set of missionaries in the city now...YEAY

My new companion is Elder Fisher from Idaho Falls Idaho. That means now 4 of 7 companions have been from Idaho.

FOR MOTHER...Finally got the shots completed.

Sunday found out some sad news. Elder Odom got transferred out of Herriman and is now in Draper...sad face... Fun while it lasted, having missionaries serving in same neck-of-the-woods for a while. Speaking of neck-of-the-woods, Elder Mouser from the Vegas mission is now home, we thought the homecoming address was Sunday, luckily it wasn't. That's one way to make us trunkie, especially since I'm the SECOND OLDEST missionary time wise serving in the district.

Slowly but surely visiting the less actives and not actives. We have a ward fiesta tonight hosted by the Spanish portion of the ward. Hopefully we got the message out enough to convince some of them to come, get to know the new ward (ward boundaries changed 3 weeks ago) and enjoy everyone's company.

Speaking of enjoy company, the new thing the mission is focusing on is Family Home Evening Groups. The city of Winchester due to a FHE group has now turned into the newest Branch in the Mission. That's the vision for the entire mission, were attempting to do it here, the first one is planned the first week of June, it'll be a party.

Speaking of first week of June, Hump-Day is coming...YIKES

Now, for the most interesting part of the entire update. We received a call late Saturday night informing us of an important meeting to occur early Monday Morning, (originally P-Day) P-Day was moved to TUESDAY, THAT'S WHY THIS UPDATE IS LATE. None of the meeting details were specified for the reason why it was occurring. The only thoughts through my mind were the TNM (Tennessee Nashville Mission) is splitting and President is upgrading to a 70. Having no idea, the meeting started. Beginning the program, one of the daughters sung a song and not 2/3 through it she cries unable to finish the song, realizing the emotion that meant something sad is about to occur, but what. President comes up and reads a letter received from the First Presidency on Saturday saying in part "YOU WILL BE RELEASED AS MISSION PRESIDENT EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2013" the news shocked all 250+ missionaries, with still another year left in his Mission President reign is really weird. They are being released due to Sis McKees health, shes dramatically improved, but it would be best if she was home to recover. But they emphasized the point of "This is our transfer straight from the Lord, so we are going to go even though we don't want to."

The new Mission President and wife will be an interesting one. The original senior couple mission call was to WASHINGTON STATE, but then it changed  to Mission President at the last second. President Anderson is the new Mission President and he is a local Utahan from the Ogden area.

So...that's a wrap. This last month with Pres/Sis McKee will be an interesting one

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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