Mar 27, 2013

March 25, 2013

Spent nearly an entire day at Cliff Jrs place. We've mostly been there for fellow shipping and support, it payed off big time today. Talking to him about the re baptism seeing if he want it. He says, "I'm gonna talk with Branch President soon so the ball can get going again" BOO-YEAH That's about all we can do, but its a good step in the right direction.

Ate dinner at one of the Kennedy's who we haven't been to or seen in 4 weeks. He had a stomach virus and was somewhat contagious  hasn't been at church for that amount of time. We went for the visit, but also for the MAN CAVE and the Corvette in his garage. Taxidermy stuff galore, even a few new ones. We had to go because Elder Bassett is a HUGE Corvette fan, told him of it and his jaw DROPPED. That 1982 Corvette out of THOUSANDS won ladies choice in 2000... its an amazing ride.

Had interviews with President McKee this week. The ride to them was very stressful. Arrived to address when they started only to realize that we had the wrong address with NO CHURCH BUILDING PRESENT. Received the correct address and it was a HALF HOUR the other direction. During the drive, I was "cursing" the zone leaders for making us late. During the interview, I vented these feelings. President teaches me a lesson here: "I forgive you for being late, but do you forgive the zone leaders for accidentally messing up? Change your attitude and you'll feel better." He even used this example in his teaching after all the interviews were done. While he was saying it, the infamous line from Rafeki in Lion King can into my mind: IT DOESN'T MATTER, ITS IN THE PAST. Being late to an important meeting is not OK  but its in the past, can't change it, look forward instead of behind. That conversation changed my attitude and I feel like I can achieve anything.

Due to next week being Easter Sunday, we had our fast and testimony meetings this week BOTH Cliff Jr. and his (unbaptized) daughter BOAR TESTIMONY. He said publically "thank you missionaries for being there for the support and fellow shipping, without ya, I wouldn't be here right now"... LOVE IT!

After the church meeting, we went again to Cliff Sr. to watch the BIBLE with the family. It's a great time to just be there for the support, the BIBLE is very good. THE SEASON FINALE is EASTER SUNDAY and Christs crucifixion and resurrection will be broadcast ed  Easter Sunday will be a PARTY... excluding the fact that us missionaries have to give talks subjected on the Easter Season that day as well...

Received some GREAT news this morning from the Russellville Branch President,
Cliff approached him yesterday and has an interview with him TOMORROW, may begin to teach and set baptism date.
Ernie (name removed) we can set a date for him and begin the process. He CANNOT receive the priesthood or temple stuff due to being previously endowed... have to wait longer.


 Taxidermy Jack- a - lope

Me in a Corvette :) 

Leaving Trenton

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

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