May 29, 2013

May 20, 2013

Well, this is the most interesting week I've had by far. Being emergency transferred the WEEK BEFORE normal transfers are a pain according to other missionaries, now i know their pain.

Come to find out, I'm NOT IN SPRING HILL, I live in Columbia where the church building is, but cover the area between Columbia and Spring Hill, its interesting how were not in our area and yet were still in the ward. Also come to find out, my Pops Perron and my oldest brother Steinekert were trained in the city of Spring Hill, who would have thought.

Currently companion ed with Elder Worthen of Las Vegas who now has 6 months left, and has been in the Spring Hill area for 9 MONTHS. The interesting thing is the Spring Hill Ward has missionaries sent out and are currently SERVING AND COMING HOME from Las Vegas, while another one is serving in HERRIMAN UTAH, Elder Odom is in the Herriman South Stake. Both of us companions have someone serving from the same ward in our area back at home, who would have thought.

The newly-formed district is basically a white-washing district, us two, trainer-trainee who's been out less than 6 months, and a new Spanish companionship, it'll be an interesting party, especially since we all share one vehicle between the six of us. Since the car is basically part time, we've biked A LOT within the last 4 days, its been nearly 6 months since i rode it last.

Continuously visit the Pie Sensations pie shop in town owned by members, free pie is delicious, however, the shop closes at the end of this The recess pieces and the recess peanut butter cup pies are the best two BY FAR.

The ward is interesting as well, it has a Spanish branch built in (Spanish is Spring Hill Spanish = 4 missionaries in one ward) hearing Spanish and a translator during the sacrament meeting is different. However, it may be a little blessing in disguise. I may catch on to my Spanish since in a partial Spanish branch. The total attendance is around 50-70 average

Slowly but surely getting used to the area, and now it will be even more interesting. TRANSFER CALLS ARE IN, Elder Worthen is officially leaving Spring Hill and is going to Kentucky (first time out of Tennessee), I'm staying in Spring Hill with unknown companion. (voice mail blanked out)

Things are gettin interesting out this way, that's a wrap till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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