May 29, 2013

May 6, 2013

OK...where to begin...have to see this photo
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The famous guy in town gives these away for free and tries to get Jesus into everyone's lives. His catch phrase is "Jesus Rocks" (written on a rock of course). He has been trying to put Jesus into everyone's lives since he had a miraculous change of heart nearly 25 years ago, and has done this service ever since. Nearly every house and business has a rock similar to this. I'm gonna get one with the HILLBILLY 10 COMMANDMENTS on it, Jesus Rocks all right, but it'll be written in Hillbilly Language, to always remind me that I served in the south, Tennessee and Kentucky.
Also, this guy is so into Jesus, that hes building a baptismal font INSIDE HIS RIVER so there can be a baptismal service nearly weekly. That is a live O Brother Where Art Thou moment, i hope I'm here for that.
There is an interesting place out this way that I've never seen before. The Artesian Well is where the local residents get FREE water, only if they bring buckets and jugs to put the water into. Its a "cool" little area, and yes, the spring is all natural and yes, it is cold.
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Had a multi-zone conference with a few zones. We had to drive due to car inspections (172 miles round trip and nearly 15% of budget GONE in 1 day), that i didn't like. However, my anger subsided when i was able to communicate with Elder Bassett and Weed again. Weed informed me of Hopkinsville, some information a bit scary. Bassett knew of the baptism, but was shocked to see him BEARDLESS. Meetings get really boring really quick, i love them just because I'm able to see familiar faces once again.
Have to inform y'all of a miracle happening out here. In the tiny-ish town of Winchester a miracle is occurring. 6 months ago, there was no activity due to a nearby city having the nearest congregation. Within 6 months, that town has a branch of 150+ ACTIVE people. That is a miracle, plus the other town where the "split" occurred has nearly doubled in size as well. The mission is using this as a template in all areas so the work can nearly QUINTUPLE within 6 months time. ill give it a shot, however its difficult to do it in an area with 80% of city being 75+, retired, bored, lazy and don't wanna do anything. Who knows
Well, that's a wrap. We have mostly been visiting lazy less actives and members. However, the stake president is basically wanting us to continue this to build trust so we can continue to do the work.
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Hopefully next week will be a party, ill show photo of my Hillbilly Commandments rock.
Always remember, JESUS ROCKS!!!!!
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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