Sep 4, 2013

July 29, 2013

First things first...Happy Pioneer Day!!! Its really weird how the Southern people celebrate a holiday that occurred in Salt Lake...unfortunately, no televised parade or parade PERIOD as well as no fireworks...bummer...well, next year ill WITNESS IT IN PERSON

Kind of had one of them interesting realizations during district meeting this week. This is the first district I've been in FOR MY ENTIRE MISSION TO THIS POINT which has sisters in it. To make it weirder, there SPANISH, talk about reminding me of Hermana Worlton on a weekly basis. Yep, all 4 of my previous districts have been all elders (except  one with a senior couple, but it don't count)

Biking to and fro due to no vehicle and a random guy yells, screams and even stalks us in the car. The more interesting thing about it is that this has happened consistently for 3-5 months. Its happened twice to me alone and I've been here only 5 times flown by...the interesting life of being a missionary. Stalking, cursing, getting under your skin...didn't put that in the missionary preparation booklets from Salt Lake.

Sunday was another fun-ish day. As a missionary, BY FAR Sundays are the hardest. Showing where the "non-familiar" to the faith go as well as being with them to answer questions. Surprisingly a lot showed up...5 total, including the two foster kids in regards to the whole geocaching thing. Received word that both of them have been officially adopted into the Kings home. The one who is somewhat curious and excited about Geocaching broke the news...YEAY I'M HAPPY FOR THEM

Had interviews with Pres AND Sis Andersen. First interview with the MOTHER of the mission since my first one. Sis McKee went into the hospital weeks before interviews...took her out of doing that. As well as first interview in nearly 4 months, supposed to be every 3, but due to the McKee health got pushed back. They will definitely do well here, such soft and well rounded Utahans. Didn't need to explain where home is, they knew exactly where it was.

The main thing received from them is the official Tennessee Nashville Mission Mission Statement

Exact Obedience is the Price
Faith equals the Power
Love is the Motive
Spirit is the Key
Christ is the Reason
Miracles are the Result

The Tennessee Nashville Mission is a Miracle mission, glad to be part of it. Nearly reactivating a less active of 5+ years, if it gets accomplished, that is a miracle. The mission purpose is to "invite others to come unto Christ", that is including the less actives. That's been my focus since Russellville and will continue to be that

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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