Sep 4, 2013

September 3, 2013

First things first, sorry for the delay...
This week has been a real emotional one for me. The less active member family from here has officially moved from Gallatin to Lehi Utah. Watching them drive away in their "convoy" was really difficult for me. It was harder to watch them drive away than watching my own personal family drove away at the MTC nearly 14 months ago. Bored on the GPS, plugged the address in, they live directly NORTH OF CABELAS, pretty sure I'm gonna visit them occasionally once I'm home ;). They have made it successfully, however driving on the interstates with a MAX SPEED of 55 MPH from Tennessee to Utah took its tole on them, but they have arrived safely.
So, due to the fact that the less active family has moved, as well as the computers, were left with two options: use members computers (none available due to working STILL) OR wait till Tuesday to email due to the public library being closed on MONDAYS, expect emails on Tuesdays for now, were working on finding computers for Monday usage
Continuing to visit the less active and inactive members. New thing were starting (other ward members) is to convince the single less/inactive sisters to feed the missionaries dinner as well as to get priesthood near them for potential "problem fixers". Had 2 dinners with LA/IA families this week, it really worked out.
One dinner we had Cornbread and cornbread, I'm gonna have to learn how to cook it at home. Eating cornbread reminds me of Russellville and gaining a little bit of weight, unfortunately, the casserole form may have beating it in taste...mmmm tasty
OK, due to Labor Day, nearly everything was closed (including library on Mondays default) school was even out. We decided to do board games and Munchkin with a few ward youth. I hope we have Munchkin, that game is AMAZING. Simple, fun, great way for a missionary to "unwind".
The Motters moving is the only real highlight this week. Now its up to some ward members (with our assistance) to clean the 17,000 SQ FT house to make it "show ready", when they left, they took the desired items and DIDN'T even clean due to time'll take a while to clean

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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