Sep 4, 2013

August 26, 2013

So I had one of them days this week that went alongside of the exchange with Stake President Miller and Elder Fred Parker III, we went on an exchange with none other than our beloved MISSION PRESIDENT President Andersen. Even with the additional pressure, we passed the test fairly easily. With him we visited an investigator family (whom we built the ramp for the disabled son for), a part member family, as well as a less active part member family. The visits went really well and i felt proud to show off our work to him. Challenge achieved: Exchange with Mission President
In the District Meeting, i gave a training. I emphasized the point in the "Power of Everyday Missionaries" book by Clayton Christensen, which was also emphasized by Christ himself: FEED MY LAMBS and SHEEP. Clayton inquired of the question which should be on every missionary/members mind: WHO DIDN'T COME TO CHURCH TODAY? Based on that question is where change can occur.
Had another one of them days that us missionaries look forward to: the temple trip. The TNM has a temple trip roughly every 6 months, and the last one was prior to the Sister McKee dilemma, so its been a while since I've been in with other missionaries. As well as it was interesting to view the new temple video. I thoroughly enjoy the new film, it makes it feel a little more personal and meaningful instead of the previous one. Definitely had a spiritual reboot during this temple session.
Saturday was a day all dedicated to service. The Motters were supposed to move to Lehi Utah last week, but due to complications of the house, its been delayed. Finally were starting to load things into the 28 foot Penske trucks. 13 hours later, the first truck is packed as full as full can be.
PHOTO is of a foundation to a house that got completely obliterated by a tornado about 3-5 years ago. The Motters live less than 1/2 mile from this. Hope a tornado doesn't come any closer, this is close enough for me.

Sunday was amazing. The talk subjects have been focused on missionary work for this month, and the two speakers were powerhouse speakers. He is a recent convert of only 6 months, and he emphasized the point of temple marriage (which hes preparing for) as well as the wife testifying of the same. Such a motivational meeting, i wish more of the investigators we met were able to show.
Today, ELDER BLAYLOCK leaves to his mission in the Salt Lake West (covers West Valley City to Wendover-ish)
Continuing to load the Motters, even on P-Day
Next week, who knows what'll happen due to the public library being closed on Monday, well figure it out

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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