Sep 4, 2013

August 19, 2013

First things first: Package finally received. I'm grateful that i feel loved, this is the first article of mail in a while received. I thought the Christus Statue would be a little bigger, but still greatly appreciated. All the candy...trying to make me get fatter eh? I recently weighed myself at 138 pounds...gasp...the sweets may assist me in breaking the 150 mark.

Participated in a Community Bingo game to get our name and faces out not so good at the game at all. Using 3 game cards and i STILL lost.

Nothing new out this way. Received a few referrals that look very promising. Due to us focusing on the less and inactive members, we are really busy. We are the only ones who do the visits, the ward may have 5% home teaching over the last 5 YEARS, so where the ones doing the finding out if they've moved out or not.

Now for the ultimate miracle...Elder McLean has been here for 6 months (still gonna be here) there is a less active member and her non member boyfriend who we've been really focusing on. Lets put it this way, her track record and history isn't the cleanest. She recently had a bump in the road and extremely desired more than ever to attend church. Well, after visiting, and waiting...they arrived for the last 45 minutes of the entire service. But it was the part that was needed for them. Both of them in the classes received council of how to be better companions and spouses (they aren't married, but still applicable), after the services, McLean said t that's the first time they've been INSIDE the building in nearly 5.5 months. That is a miracle. Just the fact that we are there for them is what counts. In the recent zone meeting, something said hit me like a ton of bricks, "THE MISSION IS FOR OTHERS NOT FOR MYSELF. PERSONAL GROWTH AND CONVERSION OCCURS WHEN YOU HELP OTHERS FEEL THE SAME WAY. Daeshawn and Gary are perfect examples of this.

Before the awesome part of Sunday arrived, an interesting sacrament meeting occurred. We had a farewell (first one on the mission), but to make it weirder, his mission call is to the SALT LAKE WEST MISSION which includes parts of Nevada and West Valley City...i somewhat have the same feeling like i did when Elder Odom was serving in Herriman

The upcoming week will be interesting, especially Tuesday. Were going on an exchange with PRESIDENT pressure on me. Only been mission president for barely one transfer and hes having us show him around the area...yep definitely no pressure

Temple session is coming up. First one in a long while. Received word from members about a new temple video...this'll be a fun and interesting day...should have brought some temple clothes this time to re-leave some of the additional pressures as a missionary.

Motters aren't officially moving until Sunday, week will be the interesting one

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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