Jul 26, 2013

July 22, 2013

Well, first things first. Supposed to have the car this week, but due to an "accidental fender-bender", it had to go into the body shop to get repaired since it is a LDS vehicle, so NO CAR for 4 DAYS, that made us have an interesting week.

Went on an exchange with the bishop out here, Bishop Maxfield. Visited a 16 year old who was baptized 6 years ago, unfortunately, shes gonna begin the name removal process due to not being active for that time and that a friend of hers converted her and wanted no part of the church. That's the mission life sometimes, were told to "invite others to come unto Christ", but at the same time, were also the sifters of the crop, and if its "spoiled" or have no desire, were forced to throw it into the fire...that's not fun to do. On a more interesting note, Gallatin holds a monthly concert at the square. During the exchange, we decided to visit an inactive member who's owns a consignment shop during the monthly festival. Lets say walking through the festival grounds with HUNDREDS of people around with beer and having a party made the Spirit "fly away" from us. We had a goal, we accomplished it, then got out of there.

Had a random zone meeting this week. I mean RANDOM, last week we had a Zone Conference (once a month and overrides all zone meetings for month), then a Zone Meeting with INTERVIEWS next week planned, so many meetings, a lot of miles used...I've talked about this before...

Received the car back, so we drove and had dinner with the Kings. This family is a party!!! They foster kids from the government so its possible every time we go someone new is there. One of the fostered girls' phone received a text and immediately recognized the sound: Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I love it when someone else enjoys what you do. Then the other fostered daughter inquires what i did at home for a hobby (sounds like a broken record) responded was a geocacher for 3 years. The father goes in his back room and pulls out a GARMIN eTREX JUST LIKE MINE AT HOME!!! The split second i recognized the yellow, i ran off the couch to hold it, so many memories of the geocaching adventures flooded my mind. This family is a definite favorite. Zelda ringtones, active and fairly new geocachers, this will be a party. Now we just need to plan out a day for some geocaching adventures.

Traveling home, we realize a live possum crossed the road. Reminded me of a missionary experience that will never be forgotten as well as not sure if I've told y'all about. When I was traveling, i was forced to go on a swap with Elder Webb to conduct a baptismal interview in Leitchfield Kentucky. Afterward we visited a few families in Morgantown (area i covered) and driving and we notice a possum crossing the road slowly. All missionaries have a few items on the TNM "Bucket List", one main one on everyone's is to KICK A POSSUM. Elder Webb sees it and runs to kick it, it looks back at him and voices got in his head and convinced him to not kick it. He would have been only one of 3 TOTAL MISSIONARIES IN THE HISTORY OF THE TNM that would have kicked a possum...but he didn't.

Back to my new possum incident, thinking of that experience, i could have kicked it, however, by the time i would have gotten out of the car, it was already behind a fence with the sign posted private property...DANG...nearly became a legendary missionary.

That's about a wrap for the day, Interviews are coming. I think I'm already on his good side with quoting a line off of "A BUGS LIFE" during the Zone Conference taking photos...

...hey, you!? Don't look at the light!!!! I cant help it...its so beautiful...ZAP...screams...

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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