Sep 21, 2013

September 16, 2013

First things first. We found it beneficial when we use the bar code at the back of a pass-along Book of Mormon at either KROGER or SMITHS (for the west coast) for a rewards card. We were able to save 80 cents per gallon during a refueling. Should have paid 3.37, nope it was 2.57, although we are unlimited on purchases for gas, it felt good to save money.
Had 1/3 of zone come assist us in cleaning and removing trash from the Motters place. Nearly 5 hours later, house is 80% ready for tours, now for deep cleaning.
Re-reading past journal writes (scary I've been out long enough to compare what I did this day and last year) and realized last week was 9/11. Not a lot of people mentioned it out here, but seeing all the flags half staff made me realize what happened on that day in history.
Went on an exchange to White House and Springfield Tennessee. Poor McLean, been in Gallatin 7+ months and has left Gallatin ONCE. Oh well, District Leaders in charge, not me. Was with someone who's only been serving for 5 weeks as well as is one of the "young-bucks" due to the age change. It went really well. We accomplished something that missionaries don't try to do at all: walk in the rain. According to TNM rumor, walk in the rain makes future spouse more attractive, well walked enough for both legs knee down to be damp as well as shoes to emit water for the next few days. Challenge achieved: more attractive spouse here I come.
Contacted 11 of the 23 referrals in 2 days. Few seemed very interesting while others told us to get away. There is opposition in all things, but its interesting to see it literally with a paper they filled out in front of them.
Another simple Sunday. Realizing that transfer calls are this Saturday, who knows, this may be the second to last write from Gallatin.
Keep me posted on everyone else

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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