Sep 4, 2013

August 5, 2013

OK, where to begin...

Spent nearly the entire day in Westmoreland contacting anybody and everybody on the ward list. With a very large ward roster and nobody doing home teaching, maybe 
25% could be moved out, but nobody knows.  Either way, edited the ward list slightly by finding 4 who have moved out and only able to contact 1 out of the nearly 20 attempted. a point...
Had dinner with the Miles'. Another perfect example of a Utah Mormon family outside Utah. Oldest of 5 kids is 9, heck that is a ward reminder for me
Now for the interesting fun. Come to find out, there were multiple errors in the mile log for the month making us drive technically 120 more than our limit, had no choice but to put it on the tab for next month (august).....great one day through the month and have used nearly 20%...this will be interesting...

Decided to have dinner at another famous place in Gallatin, not Pizza Machine, but Top Hog. Good old southern cooking for a cheap price. Eating there made me feel like a true southern redneck due to drinking out of a fairly large mason jar
Saturday was an all-day service day. Assisted a member loading a 26-foot Uhal, which she FILLED (with home only being 200 square feet she had A LOT of junk) but the fun came when a member realized his phone was lost when the Uhal was 2/3 full. Calling the phone we hear it all the way at the front. After dumpster diving for it, it was recovered.
Afterward, unloaded a piano into someones house, then assisted the Motters in cleaning, organizing and readying the house for when they move to Lehi Utah soon.

Transfer calls will be received Saturday. Elder McLean has been in Gallatin for 6 months, so hes anxious to hear whats gonna happen. But due to a new mission president in charge, who knows, maybe another few transfers for both of us in Gallatin.

Continuin to work with the less actives, received a few referrals for some promising people. ill update ya on them if anything happens
BTW, received word, Regina Kennedy from Elkton Kentucky is getting baptized on Sunday. May need to get ourselves up there, i mean Elkton to Gallatin ain't even 60 miles away, and plus me and Elder McLean knows
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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