Sep 24, 2013

September 23, 2013

Since the Motters have moved out, on P-Day there is literally nothing fun to do in Gallatin. Nearly all the ward is still working, youth in school, no parks of any kind, so we just went window-shopping. Have to say the new Samsung phones that are mini-iPad or kindle fire size is really big, not for me.

Went on a home teaching run with a member, hopefully more members will do it, as well as the referrals were still attempting to implement it into the ward. The Ward Mission Leader approves of it, so hopefully soon it will be active within the ward.

Since the mission is somewhat close (geographically to each other area wise), we randomly get visits during studies from the Assistants, it happened this week. Lets say we partially got grilled due to us not following the PmG way instead of our way. However after district meeting, we were able to communicate and resolve any conflicts that occurred during the conversation, felt a lot better afterward, figured out what i need to change: constructive criticism, not overbearance.

Thursday had our Lafayette FHE meeting again, last week the Matthews were transferred in. They were the ones we assisted in the Winchester miracle. Due to their diligence, Winchester is the talk of the mission with the branch of 115 active which started from 15 ish. They were happy to see me as was I, haven't seen them since then. Due to their presence in the area, we had 13 TOTAL people present, the record is currently at 16, were doing some good here, it will only take more time for a branch to form.

Accomplished something fun this week. We received word that a female youth is contemplating of serving a mission herself, so no better way to show her what it would be like then to go on exchanges with the missionaries. We had 2 youth with us and were able to contact a few referrals in the area, called it successful, but also gave them a taste of what mission work is like.

Now for the other news. Transfer calls are in: were both leaving Gallatin :(
I'm being transferred to SPARTA TENNESSEE with McLean heading to a previous area that he served in (near Spring Hill) The voice mail did not inform me who the companion is, so i have no idea, I'm assuming hes currently there, but i have no idea. Due to us receiving the transfer calls, now were on the "farewell tour" mode.

Feels like I've only been here for 1 month, but according to the calendar its been 3. Telling those whom I've come to love out here that were leaving was difficult. Ward members came to us, even a part-member family showed up and was unhappy of the news. Told the youth we went on exchanges with, they were not happy either.

Then came the saddest part of the day: dinner with the Kings. (ones went geocaching with) We made the dinner, cooked burgers with cheese in the center, made cheesecake and fruit salad. It was great, but the worst part was saying goodbye. Few of the children there are foster children, so its possible if i see them again they will not be there. For 16 year old Kirsten it was difficult, but all we could do was have the faith that we would one day contact each other again. (this day really reminded me of getting on Facebook) They will be missed as well as the rest of the ward.

Unfortunately sorry to end on a sad note, but next time you'll hear from me ill be in Sparta Tennessee with more information. Sparta is less than an hour from Jamestown.

Till next time
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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