Sep 21, 2013


The TNM has been using this as a referral system. We go to fairs and have people fill them out for a raffle of a large Christ painting or something. Then using the questions were able to talk to them and convert them. This questionnaire is what enabled Winchester, Tennessee to transform from a branch of 15 to an active branch of 150 plus in 4 months.
There is power behind these questions. The TNM is about to use them as a ward level, if you want to see the work flourish in the areas you live in, use it, it will make a difference.

Just 4 Questions
1.      If you knew that JESUS CHRIST had been on the Earth in our day and had re-established His church, as he promised he would, and it was here today with His authority, His organization, and His pure teachings, WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED?
Check One                  Yes                  No      
2.      TO SHOW THE WORLD THAT HE HAS TRULY RE-ESTABLISHED HIS CHURCH, Jesus Christ left us a book which contains God’s word to us through the prophets in Ancient America. It also tells of the resurrected Christ as he appears to the people on the Western Hemisphere. This book is a witness that the Bible is true and another witness that Jesus is the Christ. If we gave you a free copy of this sacred scripture, WOULD YOU READ IT?
Check One                  Yes                  No
3.      FAMILIES ARE FOREVER – Today, negative influences are working to break up families and destroy the youth. Even the best of families are having problems. Christ has given us a plan to keep marriages together build strong families, and raise righteous children. DO YOU HAVE AN INTEREST in learning additional ways to strengthen your family?
Check One                  Yes                  No
4.      Two young people will visit your home and give you the book and information you have requested. Would you be interested in having them teach you more?
Check One                  Yes                  No


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