Jul 26, 2013

June 17, 2013

All-in-all this week was by far one of the most difficult ones to date. No vehicle, living 2 miles away from our areas border, 96+ degrees with 80% humidity and were WALKING, this week reminded me of my near-death experience in Hoptown biking UP HILL in Pros with helmet NO WATER and traveling for nearly 3 miles with no shoulder or sidewalk...not cool. But i just had to chug my way through it and glad to say that i have as well as thank goodness were receiving the car now.

Had dinner with the Mousers, and with the RM from Vegas Mission. Still felt weird to be talking to someone who has met with my folks, but it was a fun and memorial conversation. DAD, i know we haven't been to Silver Lake, when I'm back, we gotta change that.

Performed service at a local food pantry/bishop storehouse, hopefully it'll be a referral hub in the future. The owner says missionaries came daily nearly 3 years ago and then stopped, your the first I've seen since.

After the simple act of service, we went to a Spanish/English couples house for dinner. They both speak Spanish and English, but she is mostly the one who translates the program for the Spanish members. Dinner was delicious, them Spanish people know how to make a good meal. Afterwards we had BACON SUNDAES, don't judge till you try it. Bacon, Vanilla Ice cream and Chocolate syrup equals a southern tradition too good to only eat once.

OK I achieved two things on the TNM Bucket List this week: I GOT A TICK as well as a few CHIGGERS on me. The tick is by far the easier one to remove, chiggers are more annoying than mosquito bites, i still get bit out this way and do they itch, hopefully none have the West Nile :(  Chiggers get underneath the skin and just itch. Lets just say i have a chigger bite on the upper part of my leg near my crotch. With it being in arms reach, it itches like none other. Trying a few local remedies to get rid of it. Hopefully it'll disappear soon.

P-DAY will be a blast today, cant wait to go bowling, till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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