Jul 26, 2013

June 3, 2013

Ever since the announcement of Pres and Sister McKee leaving has somewhat boosted the work in the entire mission. The entire mission has a goal of each companionship baptizing ONE PERSON before they leave the first week of July, that's 100 BAPTISMS PLUS, the average for a month is 35-45. Hopefully well be able to do it, but if we can, that will be something never to be forgotten.

This week has been just interesting. The fact that we live 2 miles away from the SOUTHERN border of our area and the nearest ward members are 5+ miles away doesn't help either as well as sharing one car between 3 companionship's doesn't quite work out very well, but we have no choice.

Participated in the ward fiesta. Since the ward split less than one month ago, this acted like a time for everyone to know who is and who isn't in the ward. All that was needed to be mentioned is Spanish members cooking, lets just say there were TWICE AS MUCH AT THE FIESTA than at church, i call it a successful evening.

Walking for days doesn't quite get anything done especially in this area. Were really effective with the car, when we don't, were not so well. The only good part of walking for days i guess is the tan line that is slowly being visible, that is the tan line from the white shirts on the neck and arms.

Attempting to start up a FHE Group, so with a member we visited and invited a few not active and less active members to it so hopefully well have a few new faces at something.

Spent nearly 2/3 of Saturday performing service...yea out of pros... Helped two families (one a member family) move in, afterwards we assisted a less active and non member husband in building grow boxes as well as grooming the lawn and hedges on property. Then had dinner at a members house only to find out that HE SERVED HIS MISSION IN THE TENNESSEE NASHVILLE MISSION NEARLY 10 YEARS AGO. One area he served in was Hopkinsville Kentucky, my birth area. I need to pick his brain more and see where else hes been and who he remembers from Hoptown.

Did another episode of church-hopping on Sunday. The missionaries prior to my arrival were visiting with a Primitive Baptist Preacher since they heard he occasionally preached sermons out of the Book of Mormon...that's different...we even got special permission to fellowship as well as attempt to teach him. First all-black preacher I've met, the blacks in the south are very religious and get straight to the point, sometimes i wish i was that way.

Afterwards we visited a referral from a nearby ward with a less active member. This guy we may be able to baptize before the McKees leave home, the term for this guy is GOLDEN. He knows so much and we haven't even taught him anything. The LA even assisted and even fellow shipped him since they were both in military. (had no idea) This LA is soo cool. He loves to be out and serve with us missionaries and has basically done so since his conversion in 1995, hes the perfect example of a ward missionary.

OK...seriously...the package was great, i needed the loving, but why send it nearly a week early? thanks for the reminder that my half way mark is this week. Look forward in the mail for something from me

That's a wrap, until next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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