Jul 26, 2013

June 10, 2013

Another week has officially flown by, and now that this week is over, i can officially say that i am HALF WAY THROUGH THE MISSION. When i look back it seems like last week i entered the MTC and this journey, while yesterday seems to be when i was transferred out of Kentucky. Enough with the reminiscing, time for the update.
The Family Home Evening group thing went relatively well. Mostly members there, but there were a few non-member neighbors who where there as we watched the ONLY A STONE CUTTER. Compared and likened it to our everyday lives as we serve each other as well as the Lord. (specifically us as missionaries) FHE Groups are the new thing in the TNM. All the small and micro sized towns are holding them so they can duplicate the Winchester miracle by making themselves into an active branch or a ward. Everyone in this area lives at least 10 miles away from the church building, so why not give it a shot here. The meetings will be held monthly for now, but if it gains in popularity, it may need to be occurring on a regular basis.
Met with one of the legendary less actives in the area: Kurt Warner. He is a legend due to his profession. He is a limousine driver. YES, HE OWNS A LIMO. Its a Pearl White (just for you Jason Awesome #1) Cadillac Escalade 20 seater limo. Talking about it he mentioned that the ride is $125,000, the outside looks only $75,000, then was invited inside, and that's where the money comes from in the price. Laser lights, powerful amps, all leather seats, a martini stand, coolers, two small TVs. It was pretty cool to just sit inside with the amp and going on full blast. I just found something else to do on my TNM Bucket List: convince Kurt to take us out on a ride around the block in the limo...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED
If you guys happened to watch the CMA's he was sitting directly behind both Taylor Swift as well as Carrie Underwood. Being a chauffeur definitely has its advantages.
Had dinner with the Firestines, this family is one of them that i will remember for the rest of my life. Lets just say as we were prepping dinner, the two kids were talking Legend of Zelda...i could not help it, i joined in on the conversation. Come to find out the entire family plays the game, especially the one that we don't have yet...grrrr...found a new family hobby to do once back home.
We were able to visit the GOLDEN REFERRAL this week. We basically taught him all of the Plan of Salvation. He is reminding me so much of Cliff Kennedy. Keith is doing everything that should be done. All we can do is teach, then the Spirit convinces of the truth, hes thoughtfully and prayerfully trying to receive an answer. Hopefully he will receive an answer before the McKee's leave, hes about the only solid person were teaching currently.
Had an interesting moment here, we tracked into an active Jehovah's Witness, he said no thank you for a visit because he was about to work on his garden and we offered service to assist him in it, this shocked him completely. You guys really want to assist me in the garden in the white shirts and ties? OF COURSE, needless to say 3 hours later, the garden is ready for the pre-planted garden plants. During those three hours we talked about the offering of service is an "identifying feature" as well as the restoration. Who knows, Keith may not be the one we baptize this month, it may be an active J-DUB.
Now for a trunkie moment. The RM who served in Vegas had his homecoming speech on Sunday. It felt really weird to hearing one of them out this way, it just makes me begin planning mine and I'm still a year away. It also felt weird that members in my current ward where I'm serving went on vacation and FOUND MY PLACE as well as the MISSIONARY BROTHER serving in DRAPER, now that is a cool thing as well as another trunkie moment.

Well, that's a wrap, till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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