Jul 26, 2013

July 15, 2013

Well, lets just say that i am not in the best of shape. First time riding my bike in a significant while for a significant distance. Felt like i was gonna pass out, and the humidity and the heat wasn't making it feel any better. Took a breather at a gymnastics center owned and operated by the Ward Mission Leaders wife. Biking away after getting in the AC for a while, we hear the 6-10 year old girls yell at us "Goodbye hunkie guys", that awkward moment when 10 year old call missionaries hunkie guys.

We decided to have lunch/dinner at a famous place in town: the Pizza Machine. The pizza here ain't bad, but the scary part was the sizes offered. They are home of the LARGEST PIZZA IN THE NATION 60" in diameter. That thing feeds 50+ for $350, (on a missionary budget NEVER GETTING IT) however it ain't a bad idea for an after zone meeting/district lunch for all the missionaries. They also offer a 40" diameter then gets under 18", that is a lot of pizza. Lets just say that the 40 and 60" is so large that they need a mini crane to get it from kitchen to table.

Held a Family Home Evening in a town in our area with the Tompkinsville Elders. (Elder Haslam being one of them, hes following me around since being together in Jamestown) FHE Meetings are the new thing in the entire mission, so were gonna do them a lot. Had 13 present with 4 missionaries and one non-member, it seems small, but overtime, we can have a Winchester Miracle where in 2 months a Branch of 65-85 is now active, at least that is the plan.

Had our first zone meeting in the zone as well as first one with President and Sister Andersen, sorry no photos. We have interviews in a few weeks, so we may get them taken then. They originally had the call to Everett Washington, but Salt Lake changed that. They re-emphasized the TNM Slogan (which i had no idea of) which was WE CAN DO HARD THINGS. Think about the McKee's, they did the most difficult thing they could ever do while on a mission.

Performed an act of service on Saturday. We built a ramp from porch to drive way for an investigators disabled son. Four hours later, it is complete. Plus, due to the ramp being built, they MADE IT TO CHURCH THE NEXT DAY!!! The ramp cut off 15 minutes of time getting him down the stairs into the car. Talking with them they said they ran into Sister Missionaries nearly 10 years ago in Nashville, still remember the names as well as even got a wedding invitation from one of them recently.

The benefits of service, opening doors that may not even be opened in the first place

Sunday was a bit of a hastle, but it was a party. Including them 3, we had 11 NON MEMBERS present with most of them coming from less active part member families.

That's a wrap, till next time
Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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