Jul 26, 2013

July 1, 2013

Had a very sad week this week

Took part in the final zone conference with the entire McKee family, sad to say that they are being released TOMORROW. The meeting was basically a testimony meeting with the multiple zones present. It was one day that will never be forgotten.

Next day achieved something on the everyday bucket list: DONATED BLOOD. Didn't pass out or have a fit over it, look forward to the mail coming in regards to what my blood type is, took photos, not sure if will be able to send them.

Walked in the sun for nearly 4 hours on Thursday finding people to invite to a FHE Group in Hampshire, were gonna be holding it every Sunday night there, so hopefully it'll attract more people and reactivate the branch that was in the town back in the day.

Friday did more walking, doing the math in my head i calculated it to be just enough to walk to the peak and back of ANGELS LANDING in less than a 5 hour time span, plus, I'm now "infected" with athletes foot due to the amount of walking...walking in pain is not good

Randomly stumbled upon someone partially drunk lighting of early fireworks desiring multiple photos of missionaries with him and the Coors Light can, very interesting and awkward, who knows, i may be famous on Facebook right now.

After that random visit, received a phone call from the assistants. I'M TRANSFERRING OUT OF SPRING HILL TO GALLATIN TENNESSEE. My new companion will be my older brother (trained by Perron before me) McLean, while Fisher will be receiving a NEWBIE AND TRAINING HERE

Let the tears start to flow and the farewell tour begin. Second shortest transfer in one area, with Jamestown being there for 5 weeks, here for 7

Sunday was a sad day, telling everyone bye and getting photos of a few families that meant a lot to me (including the ones that came and visited home, well partial part of family)

Come to find out Gallatin is where the Bishop used to live before he moved down here, so he knows the area and they know him, this will be fun

Out of time for now, but life will go on and anything can be accomplished  with the Lord on your side

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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