Jul 26, 2013

June 24, 2013

Where to begin....

So, went bowling last P-Day, haven't done it since i was about 6, (off 35th south in west valley) did fairly well, but could have done better, the highest score scored was 112.

Visited with a less active person out this way with a member. The member inquired if they desired home teachers, and they said yes so they can show off the collection of "stuff" gathered up within last while, i inquired what stuff? He showed off his 1969 Camero with a 354 HP engine, he even started it up, it purrs like a kitten. The grand kids where there for vacation, they found a photo with them AND the 1969 Camero with THE BAND PERRY!!!! To inform ya'll the Band Perry is a fairly new Country group, they came to their place and "borrowed" the Camero for a music video in the newly released album. The song title is DONE, try to find it online, its a green-black striped car, cant miss it. The grand kids say they got photos of the band as well as have the grandpa pick them up from school in the ride, uber jealous much, being in the presence of a country superstar group.

Performed service once again at the local food bank, after the service, we received off-brand ding-dongs instead of girl scout cookies (which we still haven't eaten all of them, not a fan sad to say, they were Samoas)

Participated in the weekly basketball game once again, no body showed up, except for members of the famous family in the city of Columbia, the Walkers. They are an active family in the Columbia ward, but they are world known in the country music group THE REDHEAD EXPRESS. Five daughters ranging in age from 25 to 17, and yes, they are all Red Heads.

The apartment has an interesting infestation going on, cockroaches. We've found 2 of them nearly as long as the Missionary Name tag is, and have found two more smaller than them, luckily we've bug bombed the apartment and they lay dead-ish, but they are still present.

The Missionary Broadcast Meeting on Sunday was enjoyable, realized that i went to any form of church for a total of 8 hours. (including Pastor Rucker of Primitive Baptist) Since the mission is already a pilot-program for the Facebook missionaries, it will be really easy for me to get on since it is a WORLD WIDE MISSION WIDE RULE to start Facebook missionaries, its even possible we may be entrusted with IPads soon. These effects will be implemented soon, but who knows how soon it will be, COOL

Had an interesting visit with the active J-Dub. Taught of prophets, authority and comparing the gospel to plants and gardening (that's what he was doing planting a garden), i feel like within the next 6 months we may have a J-Dub converted...COOL

Also had a visit with Keith Holt, hes the Golden Referral. Hes somewhat hesitant of doing anything in change because hes been used to certain feelings all his life. So inquiring about Book of Mormon and Priesthood he doesn't know what the feeling is that hes feeling. Sad to say, we may not get a dunking before Pres McKee goes home, but at least we've planted the seeds and continuing to nourish those that have been planted.

That's a wrap, till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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