Feb 1, 2013

January 7, 2013


 This is the tie that the family gave us.

Well, first week of the New year is officially over. The work is slow and steadily moving forward. One family out here (has 5+ members of family in city limits) we have finally met. He was excommunicated for some reason, but after a meeting with the Branch President, he says he is thinking and desiring baptism again. With excommunications, missionaries have NO SAY in it, its up the the Bishop/ Branch President. The entire family as well is that kind of family that you cannot push or be bold with, or else they "hide in their shell" and refuse to let ya come back. The family has 3 less actives with each of the wives non members.
Slowly but surely we are getting in houses to continue wehre the sisters left off. But some of them their schedule makes them home after 9 pm, which is bed time. Wishing for a miracle for some of the residence here to be home when we stop by so we can attempt to continue.
Now, for the McKee update. SHE HAS DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED. She has been able to move ALL extremities and I received word this mornign that the feeding tube and trake have been removed from her mouth. She is tube free!!! Miracles
Keep up the thoughts and prayers
Elder Terre K. Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

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