Feb 16, 2013

February 11, 2013

Well, this week was a doozie. Spent nearly 2 days with the excommunicated member by performing service at his farm. We did it to somewhat break the ice more with him so we can assist him with the re baptism process. He's just praying to know the date so we can't do anything,m but it is really good for him doing it without our assistance. I have to say, being in an area with tractors, horses, and all the farm animals is making me want to have a farm of my own. That must be the reason why I live in Herriman, it's the only town in Salk Lake where you can have it all.

On Friday, we asked Cliff (ex'd member) for a ride to Hoptown for the baptism of the BELSON FAMILY!!!! He did, and he was happy to perform the service specifically for me. That family was one of the first families that I taught when I started the mission. The mother, father, and oldest daughter were baptized at the same time. The rest of the ward there just made me feel "homesick" for my mission home, Hoptown will always be that home.

Work is just slow out here, visiting less actives continue to happen, but that's about all that happens.

Last month I received three letters, everyone must be busy.

Hope all is well, well that's the wrap till next time.

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

Amish Buggy

Bishop Craig from Hopkinsville and me

Baptism in Hopkinsville 
Belson Family
(3 baptized)

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