Feb 2, 2013

January 21, 2012

All I have to say... wow... our mission is receiving 22 NEW MISSIONARIES this transfer, and yes, I am staying in Russellville for at least another one. That means I will "kill off" Elder Corbridge since this is his last transfer.

Due to the rapid influx of missionaries, this transfer will be ONE WEEK SHORTER than the traditional transfer, just so the mission will be in sync with the MTC and because of this shorter transfer I WILL GO HOME ONE WEEK EARLIER!!!!!! I'm looking forward to it... hahaha

The work is still slow. Still attempting to visit people, but it is still really slow. One person had a baptism date the transfer before I got here, but her mother said "Church or your forced out of the house", haven't had any contact since then, sad to say, she's been dropped. UGH One person we've been continuing to visit is Terry Wiebe. She's an old single gal who nobody in the Branch visits, so we do. We mostly go because we are all who can, but let me say she loves the company as well as some fellow NFL fans to cheer with.

Ernie Coles is an interesting fellow. We received a refferal week two from online (he did it himself) and he desired a visit. He had his name removed a while back for an unknown reason, but he contacted us via refferal to become active again. His work schedule hit and miss for Sunday service, but he was there this last one. Plus EVERYONE in the Branch knows him from before he left, he felt right at home again.

Photo is obviously me with a beware of Amish sign on the side of the road. Surprisingly haven't seen very many.

Well, that's the wrap. Hopefully next week will be a fun one, keep in touch.

Elder Terre K. Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

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