Feb 16, 2013

February 4, 2013

Another week, tallying the numbers, in Russellville we are averaging around 7-10 lessons a week, where in Hop- Town was near 20, it is slow, but the work with the less actives is continuing to progress.

Sister McKee update: just received an email this morning that SHE IS OUT OF REHAB AND THE HOSPITAL (heart attack). She still has a way to go, but she is out of the hospital, which ends this nearly 11 week ordeal.

I gotta tell yall something that tickled me pink this week: IT SNOWED!!!! It reminded me of home. Normally, if Kentucky gets snow its very little for the season. We are so far north, I was surprised we got snow, Nashville normally gets all of it and we are nearly 70 miles north of it Sorry... no photos, but we woke up with nearly 1/3''of snow on the ground and the car.

Surprisingly, church was not cancelled due to the snow, it would have, if the crowd wasn't around the 40 THAT WAS THERE. We average 25 for attendance on Sundays, yet 40 were there, YEAH.

Now for the sad news. Ernie Cole had a baptism date for the 9th, it has to be scratched. In the past he had his name removed from the church (in order to avoid punishment) because of that, he has to wait a YEAR before he can be re baptized. That will be June/July, but it cannot happen until then. We had no idea of the rule, the Branch President was busy and couldn't tell us about this until the Sunday before the scheduled date. I'm glad he is excited for that day to come and willing to wait.

But the better news is Cliff Jr. bore his testimony. He was excommunicated due to living with his non- married wife (now married). We are slowly working on him, but if we are bold, he will shun and fall back and we might never recover him back. He bore his testimony that he wants to be re baptized, but he is afraid his wife (active Southern Baptist) will shun him afterwards, so now we're stuck in a pickle and can't really do anything. But just the fact of him bearing it, was an absolute miracle. 

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

Strange a stop sign in the middle of the road. 
We don't see this in Utah.

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