Feb 2, 2013

January 14, 2013

Well, the work is slowly progressing out here. We are mostly working with the less actives. (in fact only working with less actives) This Branch (including us missionaries) have ONLY 8 PRIESTHOOD MEMBERS (2 Missionaries, 3 Branch Presidency, Elders Quorum President, 1 High Priest (I think), and 1 Priest). That is why we were needed for the temple trip, without us, no service was done. That must also be the reason why Elders are now here instead of Sisters, the Priesthood here is badly needed.

Well, one other way we've thought of to know the community was to go a little church hopping. So many decisions since I'm in the BIBLE BELT we decided to go to the United Pentecostal in Russellville. The people were very nice and happy to see us which shocked me. The sermon was based off of Acts 2. That chapter to the Pentecostal say that the Pentecostal Church is the only true church. Somehow I kept my composure. The preacher also shouting AMEN after every sentence was different, he also recommends all to pray and use his AUTHORITY daily. Got me thinking, how did they get the authority, one of life's unsolved questions I guess. The weirder part was that they anointed a cloth for a sick person before the rest of the congregation, why not for the person directly? Overall, it was an enjoyable Wednesday night. I have to say though the best/ odd part of the service was the band which consisted of a drummer, electric guitarist, and an electric piano jamming out to gospel- like tunes.

Well, better leave yall with a spiritual thought. I've slumped lately in reading out of the scriptures. But now I'm attempting to read seven pages a day and have succeeded in doing so. I'm getting into a study form of writing the important verses of each chapter. A few have opened my eyes a bit. 1 Ne 21:3 "Thou art my servant, (Elder Short) in whom I will be glorified". Another goodie, goes along with Moroni 10:5, its in 2 Ne 26:13 "He will manifest unto you by the Holy Ghost according to thy faith."

Those have been a few goodies, look forward to more in the future.

Elder Terre K. Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

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