Feb 1, 2013

December 24, 2012

 Russellville Branch Building
there is no gym inside about 12 class rooms

Entire Nashville, Tennessee Mission

Well, the end of the world did not happen like the Mayans said. However, that day we had a zone meeting, (little ironic, one final meeting on end of the world) but it was more than a zone meeting, it was a Christmas party zone meeting, as well as an unexpected surprise... it was Sis. McKee's birthday. She has been in the ICU for nearly 6 weeks now, and us missionaries were able to sing happy birthday to her over the phone, and we all heard her voice in response for the first time since the "accident". Afterwards we held a White Elephant gift exchange, I received a WOOPIE- CUSHION... Hahaha. 

I have accomplished something that I have always wanted to do since I got my call to Tennessee/ Kentucky, EAT AT A KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN IN KENTUCKY. Surprisingly, the Kentuckians think Kentucky was the birth place for KFC... nope its not. 

Saturday was a really fun day the branch has little priesthood (only bishopric) and we were asked to assist in the baptisms for the dead in the temple. We could not say, we told the Branch President to call President McKee for approval, we get the green light to go, however, we were only allowed to witness due to "possible child liability" issues. Either way, we went and participated in the temple. That was a very fun and spiritual experience that I will never forget. We saved the day, if we did not go, the Branch would have had to scratch the service due to lack of priesthood, because of us, 180+ souls have the option to accept the gospel, what an awesome feeling for the Christmas Holiday. 

Sunday, an interesting question/ statement was asked: Christ was the gift to the world, what is the best gift you have received/ given? I ask you the same.

My gift given was the service I rendered due to the machine gun wildfire in 2010. I did not need do it, but as a citizen I desired to assist in the reseeding process. Now two years later, my gift has let the mountain side flourish with life once again. 
My gift received was a special and close one to my heart. Christmas 2003, the original gift received was the GameCube but the next day, the power went out and was out for 3 1/2 days. That helped me in knowing that the family is the most important gift. That time as a family I sometimes wish could happen again, but that was my received gift: the true love from the family when nothing else could be done.

Once again, the best gift received to all people is the birth of Christ, a Savior to all people. Now it is my duty/ honor to share this gift with the people within the Nashville, Tennessee Mission. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night 

Elder Terre K. Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

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