Jan 26, 2014

December 30, 2013

OK Christmas Eve...got invited to a Presbyterian Church service for Christmas Eve. Participated in a candle light vigil. Never done them before, thoroughly enjoyed it, the Spirit was definitely felt. Though doing this experience, something that i may do when I'm home is participate in the Catholic Christmas Eve or day Mass at the Cathedral of Madeline in Salt Lake City, that would be fun to do.

Christmas day was not as cold as I thought it would be, but still cold, no white Christmas this year unfortunately, but odds are, next year, it will be with me being back home in Utah.

Had two dinner appointments for Christmas day: one with the Millers (previous stake president and land lord of Hoptown apartment AKA taj mahal) and the other with the Wrights. The Wrights youngest son is 3 months out serving his mission in Billings Montana, where Christmas day it was nearly 20 BELOW ZERO, burr that's cold. The humidity here makes it cold, but not that cold.

Contacted nearly 35-50 fair referrals (fair occurred in October) due to the length of time to contact or follow-up, most of  them are not interested in us visiting. Out of nearly 50, maybe 2 will have us return, may be small in numbers, but it is effective.

Saturday day we were contacted 30 of the 50 referrals, when something unfortunate happens. NOT TO ME, but to Elder Lofthouse. A dog bites him TWICE once in hand (dominant right hand) and again just in between the eyes on the forehead. The owner of the dog was in shock exclaiming its never done it before, according to them the shots were up to date, so potentially no rabies shot needed. 6 HOURS LATER, were at our dinner appointment and it starts bleeding through the band aids. Lets just say we went over to the Emergency Room at 7:15 PM and didn't get back into the apartment till 10:25 PM. Really late night only due to someone had a heart attack and was put in a drug-induced comma for helicopter travel to Paducah (took priority over all other patients)

Go to church, a visiting member is in medical school at UK and took a look during dinner as well as at church, he recommended us to get prescription filled ASAP due to us not doing it last night due to "missionary curfew", so we walk out of church after first hour to Walmart to get it filled...that awkward moment when missionaries are walking into Walmart on a Sunday...

Got the prescription now we have to just let time go by for it to heal. The hand wound is by far the worst of it, but it will only take time.

Those are some of the adventures, till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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