Jan 26, 2014

January 6, 2014

So..first things first...not to complain but it is BONES COLD OUT HERE. We knew the potential of how cold it was going to get, but the surprise came when starting the car and the exterior thermometer fluctuated between 0 and 3 DEGREES excluding the windchill. If you include the windchill, its nearly -15...i thought Utah was cold, nope, Utah cold compared to this is a heat wave. Trying to stay warm, now may be the perfect time to go tracting to "entice" the people to let us in for some hot cocoa or to warm up.

So, new years. Talk about a blast. Being in presence of other missionaries for an all day fun day was a blast. Walking by i hear the word FARKLE, of course i get involved. Haven't played it in a while, so the specifics of the points in coordination with the die rolling is a little off, but i enjoyed it. Nearly one too, ended up 2nd.

The movie decisions this year were a lot better than last year. Monsters University, Wreck-it-Ralph, and Tangled. Seen Tangled too many times, heard a lot of good about remaining two, desired Wreck-it, but we watched Monsters University. Talk about a good prequel, now its making me somewhat want to watch the original to see how well it fits, havent seen it since it came out.

After some fun, i inquired with E Weed (zone leader) if he wanted to join me in visiting Jon and Jenny Brown, he was unable due to zone leader commitments. Went over to visit them, flood of memories flushed my mind when i was back in the presence of them. Unfortunately the newborn-ish daughter was asleep, but still to see them and inform them how close i am was really enjoyable. That simple visit with one of the recent converts in Hoptown was the highlight of the New Years Party.


Found a Short Street, its a little ironic that the sign is taller than me

Two Christmas Signs done by local churches

Two Large Baptist Churches (Edgewood and Sinking Fork)

Driving through Hoptown now, it has changed a bit, 2 new Taco Bell locations, Chick-fil-a, even noticed a movie theater in downtown. 

Two photos of Christ Billboards that you will never see in Utah. one says "he loves you this much" and the other "Come unto Me"

Also a Video of me tossing water and having it turn to snow. :) mission accomplished 

Till next time

Elder Terre Kieffer Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!

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