Mar 22, 2013

February 25, 2013

Well, the final week with my companion, Elder Corbridge is winding down. He's getting trunkier every day. Since he's going home, we just did a farewell tour visiting all less actives he friended. He can't wait to be back home in Declo, Idaho, he's also thought of moving back out this way... maybe...

OK, I am now ticked with the postal service. FINALLY received the second valentines gift (from Phoenix), it arrived 15 days after it was sent (normally should be 8-9) and the gift was DAMAGED. Paper ripped off part of it, and a gashing hole on the box, luckily the candy wasn't destroyed, but i'm still furious about it. Still HAVE NOT received the flash drive D&C package YET

Now for the fun part... we had a surprise meeting this week with none other than ELDER DALLIN H OAKS of the 12!!! He came through for a priesthood meeting, and said TNM  (Tennessee Nashville Mission) missionaries come early for a visit. That makes 4 Apostles have visited the TNM within 6 MONTHS (Anthony Hopkins of 70, Russell Nelson of 12, Dallin Oaks of 12, and Richard Mayes Presidency of 70 - Oaks "companion". The visit with Oaks was great, but the best part was to see SISTER MCKEE!!! This was the fist time we've seen her since the 2 strokes and 1 heart attack around Thanksgiving time. She's now struggling with balance (part of brain where stroke occurred) but just the fact of seeing her gave me the chills even before Oaks arrived.

In PmG, Oaks says to "keeps fishing line in water when you leave the apartment", he emphasized that point. He says "keep line in water = successful missionary". He was and is a great teacher. I enjoyed the visit. Afterward visited with the rest of the missionaries, met my pops Elder Perron again, he has 2 month max left before he returns to Dietrich Idaho.

Now for the desired news. Since Corbridge is going home I need a new companion. This transfer meeting, 25 missionaries are coming out with 20 being SISTERS. I hoped for not, to train... wish granted I'M NOT TRAINING. My new companion is Elder Bassett from near Boise Idaho... 3/4 of campanions from Idaho... cool. Bassetts been out just over a year, this'll be a party and Russellville will not be the only area i'll be in. We'll now be the new TRAVELING ELDERS and cover RUSSELLVILLE, ELKTON and MORGANTOWN.

Me and Corbridge Christmas 2013 at Abney's home
(sorry picture is blurry)

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

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