Mar 26, 2013

March 18, 2013

This week was  productive. We cover a few more counties and are needing a map so we can effectively plan visits for less actives and members. The Chamber of Commerce has weird hours closing at 2:30 pm, so we are planning on getting it in a few days.

Visited with Ernie Cole. We walk in, TV was on announcing the selection of the new pope. Saw history in a weird way, but was able to apply it to today and what it means. Ernie is still at a stand still. We are attempting to get the EXACT year date of his name removed, so we can EFFECTIVELY plan and teach and commit him, however, he needs to just come to church.

Visited with Terry Wiebe, Kent Owens, Darcie Smith, Greggorys, who are all less actives in Russellville. SIDE NOTE: Darcie Smith's records say he's an ordained MEMBER OF THE 70, who would have thought.

March 17... ST PATRICKS DAY... had services at the Elkton building. That building was also the location for the Tennessee Missionary Choir performance commemorating Easter. WOW sounded like angels. The best part of the performance was the solo performance of CONSIDER THE LILIES. I nearly cried 5 seconds into the song. Haven't hear the song for nearly a year, and once the first notes hit, I visualized Grandma Jenny reclining in her chair sitting completely still listening to the words. That song is one of my favorites. NOW ONLY IF I HAD THE MOTAB CD CONSIDER THE LILIES, that would be great.

Before the services started, I noticed a van pull up that looked familiar. Staring at the car, I realize the driver was getting my attention: IT WAS JENNY BROWN FROM HOPKINSVILLE!!!! She and the friend across the street dropped off the Ft. Campbell sisters for the Choir services. It was amazing to see one of my recent converts again, plus, I was able to see the newborn of Mrs. Jennay, Harper. Even though the visit was for only 10 minutes, I would love to have it happen again.

That night, we had a party!!! Went over to a Kennedy's place (ex'd member) with 6 other members of the family and watched more of the BIBLE. During the show, the dad asked an important question: Where did John (the baptist) get his authority to baptize? Tonight we have dinner with him, and going to give him the answer.

TRIVIA, where did he get his authority? Try to answer it without me telling ya.

That's the wrap talk to ya'll later.

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

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