Mar 22, 2013

March 4, 2013

OK Transfers occurred. Corbridge is now home is Declo, Idaho, my new companion is Elder Anthony Bassett from Emmet, Idaho, (north of Boise) he's been out just about 14 months. WE ARE THE NEW TRAVELING MISSIONARIES which means we cover MORE THAN ONE AREA, technically, we have UNLIMITED MILES, lets just say that we use about 100-120 PER DAY.

During Transfers, Sister McKee was there. She arrived at the Elder Oaks visit the Saturday of transfer calls, that was the first time the missionaries have seen her since November when she had two strokes and one heart attack. Sister McKee is doing A LOT better. She only has struggles with balance and sight, everything else is OK.

Since we drive A LOT, we decided to take photos of the landmarks in Logan County: (near Russellville) LOGAN ALUMINUM. This plant is the LARGEST ALUMINUM PLANT IN THE NATION and is the main source of money for Logan County, its basically a city within the walls. That's the explanation.

Driving through Elkton to understand the area, we encounter multiple tractors and even a few Amish buggies on the road. Snapped a few pics.

Now area update: since we now cover 3 areas, its been BUSY. We received the Area Books late, so we are needing to sit down and read them with bishopric members, but its slightly difficult with the distance we have to travel either way (Russelville is our "hub" or center, where apartment is)

Morgantown we went to on Sunday. We had no choice: two people were baptized the week before we arrived, and the confirmations were that Sunday, and we need to get the paperwork to send to Mission Headquarters. Either way, that was one way to learn the area as well as the people. Morgantown has lost a few strong families due to moving out, now that building has an active attendance of about that as Russellville is not a little bigger: 50-65ish.

Elkton: haven't visited anybody yet in the bishopric. Have that planned for Tuesday.

Now since we are traveling, things are gonna get really busy. However, we may only be traveling for 6 weeks due to the "rapid influx" of missionaries. Due to that, traveling will be obsolete since every area may have a set of permanent missionaries.

President and Sister McKee

Lots and Lots of Tractors

Largest Aluminum Plant

Amish Buggie 

Elder Terre K Short
Tennessee Nashville Mission
Greatest Mission on Earth!!!!

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